and we feel like we will never get them back

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Fibromyalgia dropped a bomb on my perfectly good, reasonably well-working brain, and I am pissed. Brain fog is the term many fibro warriors use to convey the mix of misfiring we experience daily.

The details of fibromyalgia involve a lot of $3 words that lead to running to the nearest dictionary unless you are a doctor. Here I will try to break them down to an understandable playing field.

The top 3 connections fibro has to the brain include ascending pathways, descending pathways and central sensitization. Fibromyalgia is a pain…

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Can embracing 5 little letters increase your love?

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L earn to change one thing. Just one. No one expects you to completely change your belief system at the drop of a hat. That rarely happens. No, for most of us who struggle when our loved one comes out, it is because we have a belief that it is wrong, dirty, sinful, despicable, or any other ugly adjective out there. And I am not out here trying to drag you off into a liberal worldview that shuns that belief. That is NOT my job. Nor my intent. …


How to save your family from destruction one day at a time

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Understanding is a great way to prevent your family from complete destruction when someone comes out LGBTQ and others are aghast.

And becoming a loving ally is why you’re here, right? Good. I know it is scary and even hard, but I also know we can do this. I usually like to start with talking about some of the myths, which you can see right here.


You Really Can be an Ally and Still be Yourself

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Being known as an LGBTQ ally is uncomfortable for many people. It can be downright scary.

I was talking to a parent the other day who was frightened of losing her Christian friends if she called herself an ally. And keeping your most important relationships is why you’re here, right?

Here are three of the biggest myths about why people fear becoming an ally and how you can overcome them.

Ugly Ally Denial Myth #1

I am a Christian, so I can’t be an ally.

Digging in-many people believe supporting the LGBTQ community is a sin, and they cannot condone…

Fibromyalgia | Women’s Health | Chronic Pain

a.k.a. When daily life kicks your ass

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Hi. Welcome back to my little mini-series talking about some of the basics of fibromyalgia. If you have this condition, odds are you know it before your diagnosis is determined. Even though everyone keeps telling you it’s all in your head.

We are working our way through the acronym FIBRO. F for the fatigue that comes with fibro. I stands for inflammation, which raises hell with everything. B for those body aches that keep you in bed all day, three days out of five. Now R for the Routines that just might kill us. …

How To Be an Ally |LGBT | Love| Relationships

You CAN Do This No Matter What You Believe

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Learning to be an ally, no matter what your beliefs are, is a great way to avoid destroying your family when someone comes out.

And avoiding the destruction of your family is why you’re reading this, right?

Great! Here are 5 great tips to help you become a loving ally, regardless of your personal beliefs, and 5 action steps to get you started.

5 Tips To Being A Loving LGBT Ally

In this column, you’re going to learn 5 loving tips that will guide you to being an ally, even if your own beliefs are different.

Tip #1

Love them unconditionally. Please take a moment and think of the very…

or 7 things you should never say to a transgender person

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The world is starting to get vocal about different genders and sexualities. That’s good news. The not so great news is that most cisgender people are entirely in the dark when it comes to transgender people. Right? You want to try- this is your person, your brother, your daughter. You want to be supportive, but you don’t know what to do. (cisgender means your insides and your outside are in harmony. And no one has EVER questioned you about it.)

I was just like you, only a few years…

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How to show your transgender loved one they matter

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So, you’re loved one has just dropped the ultimate coming out bomb. Transgender. Your first thought is “God, no! Not THAT!” quickly followed by “How on earth do I do this?”

Am I close? If your experience is anything like mine was, I bet I nailed it.

How do I do this? Let’s begin with one simple premise: the answer is love. No matter what the question, the answer is love. …

Teresa Kuhl

Are you struggling to support your LGBT loved one as a true ally? I can help! Let’s do this together!

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