What if Your Need for Rescue Is Bigger than Life?

Teresa Kuhl
5 min readSep 30, 2020


LGBTQ refugees need more help than we can imagine in the USA

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When people are fighting to survive without a place to call home, you define the words hard and tired in a whole ‘nother way. The fact is, if you’re homeless, you’re out of cash. It stands to reason, right? As your stomach growls loud enough to scare the rats in the gutter, you have no food. You‘re stumbling with exhaustion, and there’s no bed. The cold rain pours on your head with no stopping. On top of all of those challenges, some have children struggling with them.

When those circumstances are your life, it just kinda becomes a different sort of hard all over again.

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You’ve heard of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs? It’s a graph, shaped like a triangle with the point straight up on top. It shows us the priority level of things we need to live a fulfilling life. Something like a home and food to eat is the very foundation of the triangle of emotional stability. It’s safety and security or home right there at the bottom — the most important thing. If you don’t have that, it’s incredibly challenging to achieve anything else on the list.

I empathize very deeply with the homeless populations of the world. I was homeless with two children. I was homeless once again, with one of my children. Both times I received shelter, food, clothing, comfort, and guidance toward a recovered life.

I am white, and I live in the United States of America.

When my life stabilized, I entered into the non-profit world of helping others struggling to regain a footing in life.

I’ve worked in two different shelters, one for the general population, one for battered women. One of the things I noticed about the women in the shelter spoke volumes about the state of mind the women shard. When people came into the shelter, chaos was their normal; Jerry Springer was the nighttime television ticket. The kids fell asleep, and the moms would gather for junk food like popcorn or brownies and a couple of Springer episodes…



Teresa Kuhl

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