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  • Michael Stover

    Michael Stover

    Author, talented writer, and exacting editor. Learn more at http://michaeldstover.com. Buy me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/michaeldstover

  • David Todd McCarty

    David Todd McCarty

    Writer, Director, and Journalist with an interest in politics, culture, media, psychology, and garden gnomes. Top Writer in Culture, Politics, History, Science.

  • Mary DeVries

    Mary DeVries

    The older I get, the less I know. That won’t stop me from writing about everything and anything under the sun. Join me in delighting and despairing about life.

  • Garrett Snedaker

    Garrett Snedaker

    Leftist poet and sometimes essayist living on the left coast of a nation in decline.

  • Alexander Ziperovich

    Alexander Ziperovich

    Essayist, opinion columnist, dyspeptic political analyst. I spread anti-propaganda. Also at alexziperovich.substack.com

  • Mitchell Peterson

    Mitchell Peterson

    Freelance writer on my eighth year outside of the US, currently in Prague reading, teaching, and writing on politics, economics, and travel … IG: @mitchellglenn

  • Shankar Narayan

    Shankar Narayan

    Just another Political Writer. Nothing Special. I have an opinion and love to share it with you. And I read comments and respond!

  • My Lovely Suque

    My Lovely Suque

    A Black liberal writing about race issues and liberal politics.

  • Pastor Christian T. Roll

    Pastor Christian T. Roll

    Pastor. ThD. Church of the Redeemed Whore | Using Christ’s Word to stop evilutionists and abortionists. God’s grace saves even the likes of you!

  • Rivy Lyon

    Rivy Lyon

    Crime Journalist | Criminology, Psychology & Sociology B.A. | Studying Forensic Psych | I’ve loved true crime since Forensic Files was Medical Detectives!

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